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  • Controls
  • Riding modes
    When the bike is unlocked and the display shows this screen: You can choose the riding modes with the mode-up and down buttons. There are 4 modes: - Off: no electrical assistance - Range: maximum range, lowest power setting - Chill: Intermediate setting - Fly: Maximum power. Al versions up until 1.1.70 you can change the mode by pressing up and down. From version 1.1.71, you need to long press the up down buttons to change the mode. You can go from off to FLY by long pressing the down button.
  • Display modes
    Using the view (large left) button you can toggle trough the various screens. These are looped so if you keep toggling through you will end up on the main screen again. Main screen: On the left the cadance is displayed. On the right the total power at the rear wheel. Speed in the middle. At the bottom you can see your ride mode. At the top from left to right: Bluetooth pairing status, current time, ODO, range, battery level. Trip: This shows the trip information, average speed and average power are measured while moving. Reset with button on the bottom. Weather and wind: The weather screen shows the weather in the current (or last known) location. The right part of the screen scrolls (via touch screen) to show the wind information. This is the wind information for the current location against the direction of travel. Navigate: For more information see the 'navigation' tab in the manual.
  • Gearbox
    Enviolo Automatiq. Bikes equiped with the enviolo automatiq (from version 1.1.71) have both a automatiq mode, based on cadence. You can set the cadance per ride mode in the app under Bike settings. Manual mode. From version 1.1.71, you can also shift manually. If you chose manual mode on the main screen on the home screen of the cockpit, you can shift up and down with the small buttons on the right. There are 6 gears. When you are stationary you can only choose 1 and 2. When slowing down, the gearbox will automatically down shift. It may be required to slightly pedal for the gearbox to execute the shift(s). Kindernay manual Some bikes are equiped with a Kindernay Manual gearbox, for maintenance please check the Kindernay website.
  • Startup
    When the bike is completely off, you turn it on by pressing the right button on the handlebar for a maximum of 2 seconds. After a while, the LED rings and display will turn on. The startup can take up to 1 minute. Once you see the Home Screen with a PIN code, the bike is ACTIVE
  • Stand-by
    When the bike is ACTIVE you can lock and unlock the display with a short press of the right button. When you lock the screen in active mode, all services (for instance tracking) will remain active in the background and the bike is stand by. Unlocking happens by a short press of the right button and entering the pincode. When the bike is stand-by, it will use some of the battery to keep the systems active. From version 1.1.71 the bike automatically shuts down after 14 hours of inactivity. You can disable this in the settings menu on the display.
  • Shutdown
    To turn off the bike, long press on the left handlebar button, via the menu, you can choose ‘shutdown’. The bike is now completely off, last know location will be sent to the app.
  • Reset
    If the system blocks or fails, long press on the right button until the LED rings on start blinking. The system will completely restart. Alternatively, removing the battery and waiting for 3 minutes resets the system as well.
  • Charging inside the bike
    Cockpit version > 1.1.70 Always first connect the charger to the bike and then plug in into a wall socket. When charging starts (or stops) you will hear a beep. On the display (when unlocked) you can see the charging state on the top right corner. The bike is programmed to completely shut down when the charging reaches 100% to preserve battery life. If you want to keep the bike stand-by after charger, you can tell the bike to stay on after charging. From cockpit version 1.1.71 From cockpit version 1.1.71, the shutdown feature has been changed. The bike automatically shuts down after 14 hours. This can be disabled from the cockpit menu. If you do this, the bike will stay stand-by until the battery runs out. For longer storage, we recommend to always shut down the bike with at least 60%-80% of charge.
  • Charging outside the bike
    If you remove the battery you can also charge it on it's own.
  • Charging tips
    To keep battery life healthy, for long term storage it's best to store batteries at 80% charge and at room temperatures.
  • Turn-by-turn navigation
    You can ad a turn-by-turn route navigation through the phone app. You choose your route on your phone and send it to the bike via the on board 4G connection. When the route is received on the bike, you will see an overview of the route. You can cancel the navigation with the X on the bottom. While riding, the map will zoom-in at intersections an the bike will beep when an action is required. Audible directions, from version 1.1.71 onwards When your phone is also connected via bluetooth, and you see the name of your phone in the top right corner of the display, audible directions will also be played on your phone. If you have a headset connected to your phone, they will be played here.
  • Bluetooth
    The bike is equipped with bluetooth for the following functions: - Lock/unlock - Audible GPS directions. Connecting the bluetooth. It is important to use the pairing mode on both the phone and bike. If you are experiencing troubles connecting the bluetooth, it is recommend to 'forget device' on your phone first and rebooting the phone and bike before doing the following steps. On your phone: - Go to pairing > activate pairing mode. On the bike: - Go to settings (Long press left button) > Bluetooth > activate pairing mode. Once the bike is found you will see a prompt on the phone app stating the bikes name/serial. Click pair phone on both your phone and the bike. The number should match. Pairing succesful appears on the display. If the pairing mode remains active, it was not succesful. If the pairing was succesful you will see the name of your phone on the top left of the display and in the bluetooth menu. The connection will automatically establish if you are near the bike and you open the app. The bluetooth is mainly used for the audible GPS directions. Other functions use the 4G connection (see 4G connection). If you want to disconnect a phone from the bike, you can do so in the bluetooth menu of the display. For best connection it's also paramout to allow the Specter phone app (iOS and Android) to use location services, you can manually do this in the settings on your phone. Make sure this is set to always. iOS: Android:
  • 4G connection
    The bike has a built in 4G connection which is used for many functions (tracking, lock/unlock, updating settings, over the air updates, Spotify, weather, etc). This connection is automated and you don't have to do anything to establish it. The connection should work world wide (EU, Nordics, Switzerland, UK, US, etc) with a few exceptions (mostly in the middle east and some in Africa. Contact support to know if your region is supported). However, it is possible that in some area's the connection is poor or insufficient to support the functions. If you are experiencing troubles, you can check the connection status in the about menu. You can see the type, signal strength and if you are connected to the cloud.
  • Updating the bike
    Every Specter has the possibility to remotely update the software of the bike. Once a new update is available you will get a prompt when you unlock the bike. You can choose to update the bike or skip for later. Depending on the strength of the internet connection, it might take some time to update. It's important that the bike has a good internet connection to do the update. As such it might be required to place the bike outside. We recommend to have at least 50% of battery charge before you do the update. In earlier versions (up until 1.1.38) you might experience troubles update while the bike is connected to a charger. When you click "update my bike", the update will start to download. Once downloaded, you will be asked to install the bike. If you leave the bike for some time while downloading, the screen will automatically lock. When you unlock the install prompt will appear again. Once installed, you will see this screen. If something went wrong during the installation proces, you will see this screen. At this point, it's recommended to restart the bike, place it outside and check the internet connection.
  • Release notes
    You can check the version number of the cockpit in the about menu. 1.1.71 - current version - Improvement in Bluetooth connection - Auto shutdown after 14h, disable via settings - Removed shutdown after charging - Riding modes via long press instead of normal press - Enviolo Automatiq > Manual mode (6 gears), including auto downshift - Spotify integration (in beta testing, will become available without update) - Added service mode - Audible GPS directions when Bluetooth is connected
  • The bike will not turn on
    The bike can be started with the power button on the handlebars (on the right). If the bike doesn't react when pushing the button (multiple times), you can do the following: Firstly make sure the bike has enough charge and the batterie(s) are in the bike. If possible connect the charger. There are few possibilities, either the bike is completely off or it is stand-by. When the screen is off, you can check if the bike is stand by on the rear hub gearbox, if the green light is on, the bike is standby. If the light is off the bike is completely shut down. If the green light on the hub is on: The display is black and the Led buttons are not lit up, the power button doesn't work. - Try to unlock the bike with your app (internet connection required) or - Move the bike so the rear wheel does 1 full rotation (if the bike is stand-by the screen will turn on) The display is black and the Led buttons are lit up, the power button doesn't work. - Press the power button for 10 seconds to reset the bike, if this fails: - Remove the main batterij with the key, be careful to hold the batterij when turning the lock key - Wait for 20 minutes with the main battery removed - Check if the main battery turns on while outside the bike, you can do this by pressing the power button on the battery or charging it If the green light on the hub is not on: Press the power button multiple times or: Connect the charger or: Remove the main batterij with the key, be careful to hold the batterij when turning the lock key - Wait for 20 minutes with the main battery removed - Check if the main battery turns on while outside the bike, you can do this by pressing the power button on the battery or charging it If the bike starts up, the first indication will be the green light on the hub, secondly the LED rings on the handlebars and thirdly the screen will power on.
  • There is play in the fronk fork headset
    The tension in the headset can be adjusted by Model year 22: - Remove the handlebars by loosening the 4 bolts in the handelbar - Lifting the handelbar - Tightening the set screw inside the top of the fork stem untill the play is removed - Re-mounting the handle bars - Tighten the 4 bolts crosswise at 10 Nm
  • The bike displays 0 speed or -- as speed while riding.
    This indicates an issue with the speed sensor. If this is the case the speed will not be logged and the performance of the bike is not normal. To solve this issue you can: - Check the speedsensor and magnet are clean - Check if the sensor cannot move around in the bracket - Align the magnet as following: The center of the magnet has to lign up with the end of sensor (hub side). - Make sure you correctly tighten the magnet screw Turn the wheel so see if the speed returns. If not repeat the proces. If it is not possible to get the speed to come back, check with your dealer.

Workshop manual

The workshop manual is available on request, please fill in your email to request acces. 

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